Why Do Bisexual Women End Up With Men?


Someone also pointed out that many bi women who marry men are polyamorous or have open relationships and are still involved with women. These things suggest the idea that bi women end up with men isn’t as simple as it appears. Yes, it is not a simple concept for either gender. Many bisexual men identify as straight because their primary relationship is with a woman and occasionally have sex with men. It happens to women as well, but observation as a therapist is that women often become emotionally attached to their lovers, while men, out of fear, stay emotionally detached.

There is a higher percentage of straight men who are cool with bi women than women, no matter the sexual identifier, who are cool dating bi women. Have you tried the dating apps but they’re frustrating with women because 90% of the time it’s couples looking for a third or a woman just trying to use your sexuality to experiment? But have to admit, it’s much easier to find a date in a group of bisexuals than finding a date in a group of mixed ( straight, lesbian, gay, kinky) sexual orientations.

If you want a child, It’s much cheaper to find a man to make that happen though. Also, men are way easier to find and date. And on a very subconscious level, it is just easier to be with men. Less explaining to family, easy option to start a family.

Reduce discrimination. Although people are more open-minded and more tolerant, there are still many people who discriminate against bisexual and LGBTQ people, and in many cases, they even rise to personal attacks.

If you are a bisexual who insists on monogamy, it is hard to find a suitable partner. You don’t feel like missing out and you don’t feel like you have to be with a certain number of women to prove your attraction to them. Please try to follow your feelings which ended up with another female or male.

You Don’t Have to Agree to an Open Relationship.


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Has your partner ever asked to open your relationship? Are you also skeptical of open marriage? We all know that it’s not easy to fall in love and get married, not to mention having an open relationship. Especially many married couples who want to try threesome or more, but they are also afraid of hurting their spouse, and they don’t want to deceive each other. So they have been holding back their desires in this regard. Not sure how to deal with it beyond almost all your sex dreams are about other people.

Don’t hide your true thoughts. You absolutely don’t have to do it if you don’t want to. No one can force us to do things we don’t like. No matter how much you love this person. Love does not have to be accepted, love is sharing, it is the feeling that occurs when both parties volunteer. Without respect, love lost. Don’t pretend to be indifferent, but die in your heart. Even if you know that he is bisexual, and even if you know that he will be interested in a threesome, you have to say your true thoughts. Not everyone can accept that their partner is bisexual and threesome.

Don’t have to force yourself to match his feelings. I’ve always found honesty is the best policy. Love is not something you give blindly. Everyone comes into your life for a reason, some good, some bad. They shape us and break us, but in the end, make us who we are. Nobody has a perfect life, everybody has a problem. Some people just know how to deal with it in a perfect way. Don’t force yourself to do unhappy things for the so-called harmonious relationship between husband and wife.

I have seen many couples have more or fewer problems when they are in a threesome relationship. Someone usually feels like they’re not getting enough attention. But there are many couples who have a threesome in common and also enjoy the process. It is an amazing experience you can share. No matter what reason, women looking for couples, couples seeking singles, it’s very popular. But if you don’t want to, you don’t have to follow the trend.

Helpful Tips To Avoid Scammers On Dating Profile.


0R8847SQE77%`J}1%[{$D38There are more crooks in this world than dating sites. No matter who, on many dating sites, you may encounter crooks because they are everywhere. All you can do is understand the tricks of some scammers and stop the loss in time. Here are some general patterns of scammers that you can learn from.

They Send Many Emails and Winks to Others.

Many dating sites allow users to send winks to other users for free and unlimited number of times, To get your attention, So many scammers send winks to many people at once time. You have no other way but to report and block him. However, many websites require membership authentication, and there is a logo in the profile of certified members. So choosing a bisexual dating website with a good reputation is also a kind of protection for yourself. Whether it is your privacy or money, there will be a good system to protect you.

They Avoid Phone Calls, Video Chats, and Photos.

Many scammers will not take the initiative to publish their real photos. Most of them are photos of others looking for on the Internet. They will not accept video chats or phone calls. Because they are afraid to expose themselves.  You can also search their photos on google, most of them are beautiful or gentleman. And you can also find that they have registered accounts on many websites.

They Ask You for Money.

Scammers are for money or sex, and the former are the most. Some people will attract you in the name of investment, others directly say that they need help and donations. If it comes to money, you need to pay attention at this time.  You can report to site’s owner.

They Describe Themselves Perfectly.

Many scammers often disguise themselves as successful people, single, lonely, and rich. Especially on some rich men dating sites. Others are making up pitiful accidents for themselves, soliciting sympathy from others, and seeking financial or spiritual help. Many people describe how they were hurt in their previous relationship, Win the sympathy of others. In any case, you must pay more attention to it, don’t get too deep.

They Reject Offline Dating.

Generally, network scammers rely on websites. Many of them refuse offline dating, because his profile is fake, and offline dating will reveal his essence.  They will refuse your offer under various excuses. My suggestion is that if you feel good about each other, but she always rejects you for various reasons, you need to pay attention at this time.

Bisexual, You don’t have to apply a label to yourself.


2019-11-02_cheerleader-kissNot everyone is willing to disclose their sexual orientation. Not everyone is willing to open their minds to accept different sexual orientations. If you don’t want to make a big announcement about it, that is cool. I hope for a world where no one needs to come out. But for others, it has been an extremely important step to living an authentic life and that shouldn’t be diminished. It’s your choice how to live the rest of your life. You go out on that stage now, and you show them how beautiful you are. Never let anything stop you from chasing your dream.

Even now bisexual people still aren’t fully welcome into society. Just cause they changed some laws don’t mean society accepts them fully yet. As a bisexual man, I think the worst part is if you are seen with another man then women think you’re 100% gay. And if you say you like guys sometimes, it detracts your masculinity. Especially, when you join any bisexual dating sites, Many people will think that you are a one-night stand. In the case that people don’t know you, they will guess a lot of your behavior and then spread the rumors about you. This is also the reason why many people are reluctant to say their sexual orientation.

The one ought to have the other. No matter what kind of counter-method you meet. Keep going. Don’t quit. Just like me, I’ll never be able to come out to my family or friends. Like it’s just one of those things where I don’t even want to risk damaging my relationships. I love them all but I know their perspective on LGBT.

The world is ready for this and I had been for a while. There are still so many people closeted who need to know they aren’t alone. We may have come a long way, but  we have a long way to go before it truly “doesn’t matter”! Love who you are and who you want, you don’t owe anyone any explanation.

What Does It Feel Like To Be The Only One In A Threesome?



When talking about threesomes, it’s not something that every other guy or girl does. People who’ve encountered threesomes know the work they’ve put behind to make it possible. In movies and TV, just rare wordless kissing is involved between strangers and the next morning they wake as nothing happened.

Whether you’ve thought of joining an existing threesome couple, invite a third horny individual or just wish to try this among your friends, we’re going to bring in some useful info from women who been through the threesome phase and know about how they felt and made it happen.

As a woman who had a threesome experience, people around me often used to ask about how I felt about the threesome.

Well, the answer here would depend on what type of threesome you’re having? Are you the only woman here? Or do you have your girlfriend with you to help you in the process? Are you looking for a bisexual threeway encounter?

While I was the only woman involved with two men, I needed to satisfy both of them. Most often men took “Viagra”, “strong pills”, etc. or anything making themselves last longer. Make sure to not expect too much as some men might be “quick”, while a lot of others like it “rough”. The whole experience is a mixture of a lot of emotions like excitement, anxiety, adrenaline rush, and happiness.

Most bisexual men and women report something similar. Here are a few men and women who’ve made their fantasy come true with lessons learned for their next encounter.

Two times isn’t a charm always.

Once I had a threesome with a casual guy date and a friend, and the meeting turned out quite well! A lot of fun was involved (plus the drinks) and the whole experience was lovely. However, while giving the second round a try, the process was completely a disaster.

It’s better to be communicative.

Open communication used by people while preparing (and on the scene) for threesome must be broadened to twosome encounters as the experience is quite lovely. With my experience, I suggest that everyone here is kind of okay. Is it okay to do these things?’ “Should I proceed on?’’ would you like to do now?

It would be necessary to make sure everyone remains to be comfortable, logistically, so people here aren’t bumping into each other.

Attentiveness makes things a little fun.

With my threesome experience I’ve learned that if everyone doesn’t get equal attention, someone would be felt quite left out. While everything seemingly appeared ok, until a woman cried out that she felt left out of the fun. This was a total mood killer as we just switched gears for consoling her. This whole thing was a weird experience for me”.

Being the only person in the threesome dating is a fantastic experience as you feel you’re being served by two people of the opposite sex at the same time. We all know that two is always better than one. This is the dream of most people who are eager to get involved in threesomes for an orgasmic joyride.

How Do You Tell You Best Friend That You Are Bisexual?


tumblr_pkuukbwb741vtcouio1_540Life is short, There are only a handful of friends who can be called best friends. Good friends can share a lot of secrets with each other, happiness and grief, Sure, including your sexual orientation. No one wants to hide their sexual orientation and live alone for a lifetime. Sometimes, Coming out to a close friend can enhance a friendship and help you feel more comfortable with your bisexuality.

1.Make sure your good friend knows a little about bisexuality. When you tell her about your sexual orientation, it doesn’t make her feel confused, and don’t know what you are talking about. You can try to find some topics about bisexuality and discuss with her before you come out.

2.Don’t use jokes about bisexuality, tell your thoughts very seriously. In order to avoid embarrassment, many people always talk about their sexual orientation very casually. People think that you are joking. I feel that in front of a good friend, there is no need to pretend that I am not confident and embarrassed.

3.Make sure to let your friend know how important they are to you. You must make your friends understand, even if you are bisexual, you are still the best friend. Friendship between you will not weaken. Tell her, you want her support and encouragement. They will probably feel honored and privileged that you have told them.

You deserve happiness. Never forget that. Many people say that if your good friend doesn’t support you as bisexual, you are no longer a good friend. I don’t agree with this point of view. We can’t force others to accept our sexual orientation. We can’t force others to accept it or recognize something that she is not familiar with. If my good friend doesn’t accept my sexual orientation, I will say, it doesn’t matter, we are still good friends, I hope that one day in the future, you will understand and support my sexual orientation. But if my good friend is ridiculed, striking or ironic after learning about my sexual orientation, I think I will end my friendship with her.


Do I really need to “come out” as bisexual?


tumblr_nfu3npJm2S1qbqma2o1_54hyjy.jpgA few years ago, I knew that I am a bisexual girl, and for a long time at the beginning, I felt very lonely and irritable, and even once wondered why I wanted to come out. Does itreally have to be done? I don’t know, I am confused about that and after a long period oftime, I gradually realized that everyone has different points for everyone, whether you arecome out or not, just be yourself.

1.Come out when you feel ready to.

If you are not really ready yet, Don’t follow the advice of the mainstream or others, have your own real thoughts, about come out.This is a very cautious thing, not a joke that canbe said at random.Come out is not for everyone. Once you come out to your family orfriends, you have to face other people’s doubts, objections or hates, and even many peoplethink you are sick. Even worse is a personal attack. If you don’t get enough support and understanding from your family or friends, I suggest you better not rush to come out as a bisexual.

2.Just don’t wanna feel alone.

If you think that come out as bisexual won’t make you feel lonely, it will vary from person to person, or maybe more lonely. Many people are so isolated by friends and family, some want to join some related organizations, but still can’t find themselves.

3.You can date some people as you like.

No, This is not as simple as you think. Finding a suitable bisexual dating object is a very difficult thing. Open minded not means you can date with everyone, it’s very hard to find a nice bisexual partners, especially threesome relationship is very popular. Women Looking For Couples, Bisexual Couples Seeking Female and so on. As I see dating as more of a romantic activity. All that really matters is to be yourself!

4.Labelling yourself doesn’t make date easier.

Labels are helpful for some people, and the people around you but can some times make you feel like you need to meet some expectations or be a certain way. You like what you like and that’s awesome, try your best to be open and accepting of yourself and don’t feel bad if your feelings change one way or the other. Sexually is fluid and can change over your life. You don’t need to put a label on it if you don’t want to. As long as you’re happy with how you feel then that’s all that matters.

It’s never too late to meet the one you’ve always wanted to date


tumblr_oxlxfkrSKE1r0rf92o1_540There are more and more bisexual couples complained that hard to find and meet a nice bi woman or man through dating sites, so many spams and most of them for sex or fun, not only for the date.  But complaining doesn’t solve the problem. It’s never too late to meet the one you’ve always wanted to date. Here are some things, if you like, you can have a try! Maybe can help you to meet a nice bi.

1.No one is in charge of your happiness, except yourself

So, when the next feel miserable,
don’t give the finger to others.
2.What other people think of you is none of your business.
This world only has three things:
Your things, Other people’s business, God thing.
So, don’t mind being yourself, bisexual, lesbian or transgender, gay..
Just be yourself.
3.Your job won’t take care of you when you are sick.Your friends will stay in touch.
So, Remember to keep in touch with your friends.
True friendship will stand the test of any kind,
Thank for the time, space, and help you eliminate those who cry, laugh,
And the rest, please learn to cherish.
4.Lonely people will always remember his life occurred in each person.
5.Keep a smile and laugh more.
People who love smile is lucky.
Do you mind joining any bisexual dating sites? Especially some dating sites have to pay to become a gold member. Do you want to meet and date bisexual women or couples? Are you disappointed with many dating sites? If you are tired of dating sites, why not go out or listen to your favorite music? Deep breathing, self-massage, eat some frozen grapes, take a walk, exercise, drink a glass of water, call a support buddy, post on a support forum and so on….

Do You Want To End Up In “Straight” Relationships?


53.jpgMany people that discover their bisexuality later in life, as I did, are already in long term opposite sex relationships. They often are not willing to end those relationships and either work out some accommodation to be able to express their bisexuality or they simply remain bi-celibate, depending on how their partner reacts/accepts their newly found bisexuality. I’m a bisexual woman, engaged to a man, and I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately.  But for most of my adult life , most of my family and friends considered me a lesbian.  I never really labeled myself either way, and I tended not mention the people that I was dating casually, so many of them didn’t realize that I was actively and frequently going back and forth.

Anyone can create the love and intimate relationships of their dreams. Bisexuals are the freelancers of sexuality. They’re not tied down to one rigid attraction. They’ll often say that they fall in love with the person, regardless of gender. In this way, they might be more evolved than the rest of us. For men, dating a bisexual girl means the possibility of fulfilling a fantasy of a threesome with two women.A straight man wouldn’t even mind much if his girlfriend cheated on him with another woman. He might just ask to watch the next time. Most women would emphatically state that no, they would never want to date a bisexual man. It would take a confident woman, one who was not only sure of herself and her desirability, but also extremely open minded about sexuality. Maybe someone who was bisexual herself.

Most bisexuals in relationships have partners of the opposite sex. Bisexuals are much more likely than gay men or lesbians to be married, and most have a spouse of the opposite sex. Bisexuals are much less likely than gay men and lesbians to say that their sexual orientation is an important part of who they are. Yes, truly the LGBT community is not really a community that bisexual people feel included or comfortable in from personal experience, It’s not as if I just can’t decide on which team I want to play on. It’s that I just might not want to participate in sport at all. 

Why bisexual women prefer to date bisexual couples?


tumblr_nx8bizojik1uahaqco1_500Bisexuality is the sexual attraction towards both males and females. It could also be an attraction towards people of any gender identity or sex. Bisexuality has been observed in the human kingdom as well as the animal kingdom. Bisexual women are attracted to other women and men too. They are not attracted to everyone they see. They are attracted to a single person. Some bisexual women are scared of coming out. Even when a bisexual woman ends up marrying a man, it does not mean she stops being bisexual. Many bisexual women have the tendency of dating Bisexual couples. This trend has been the case for many of the bisexual women in the society.


  •    They are attracted to both

Bisexual women are attracted to both women and men. This attraction is why they prefer dating a bisexual couple because in most cases they get attracted to both the man and the woman.

  •    They can commit to the relationship

It will be easy for the bisexual woman to commit to a relationship that satisfies both of her urges. She would find it beneficial because she does not have to stay feeling uncomfortable if she was in a same-sex relationship.

  •    Security

Some Bisexual women will date a bisexual couple to feel secure. They get the feeling of being in a family and also are sure that cases of infidelity will be minimal. This is because, for both the bisexual couple and the bisexual woman, their needs are met.

  •    Bisexual dating sites

Many of the Bisexual Dating sites today have bisexual couples looking for singles to have fun with. Some of the sites like Couples Dating.Org are purely for bisexual couples looking for singles that they can date and have a healthy relationship with. The bisexual dating sites are the greatest contributors to bisexual dating. They have simple steps to follow so as to get your match easily.

  •    Sense of satisfaction

Most bisexual women are attracted to a man and a woman at the same time. Getting into a relationship with a Bisexual couple is their solution to have sexual satisfaction. Dating a bisexual couple will give her an opportunity to be in a relationship with both a man and a woman. This is the satisfaction she wants.

  •    Great sexual drive

Bisexuals have a greater sexual drive. Some feel that to satisfy their sexual drive, they have to be in a relationship with both a man and a woman. This is what makes a bisexual woman to date a bisexual couple so that she can satisfy her sexual drive.

A bisexual woman will never prefer one sex over the other. They love both sex equally. They know who they are and do not like being mistaken as confused or indecisive. If a bisexual woman dates a man, it does not mean she is heterosexual. Neither does it mean that she is a lesbian when she dates a woman. Studies have shown that bisexual women are happier while dating a bisexual couple because she feels satisfied and contented with her sexuality.

Most bisexual couples are always finding their partners in the bisexual dating sites. Once they are married to either a man or woman, they go on to look for the other partner. They always find joy when they are in both relationships. This relationships are mostly built to satisfy sexual desires.

If you like, you can check: http://www.coupleslookingforfemale.com it focus on helping bisexual women and men find their true love and partner.