Bisexual, You don’t have to apply a label to yourself.

2019-11-02_cheerleader-kissNot everyone is willing to disclose their sexual orientation. Not everyone is willing to open their minds to accept different sexual orientations. If you don’t want to make a big announcement about it, that is cool. I hope for a world where no one needs to come out. But for others, it has been an extremely important step to living an authentic life and that shouldn’t be diminished. It’s your choice how to live the rest of your life. You go out on that stage now, and you show them how beautiful you are. Never let anything stop you from chasing your dream.

Even now bisexual people still aren’t fully welcome into society. Just cause they changed some laws don’t mean society accepts them fully yet. As a bisexual man, I think the worst part is if you are seen with another man then women think you’re 100% gay. And if you say you like guys sometimes, it detracts your masculinity. Especially, when you join any bisexual dating sites, Many people will think that you are a one-night stand. In the case that people don’t know you, they will guess a lot of your behavior and then spread the rumors about you. This is also the reason why many people are reluctant to say their sexual orientation.

The one ought to have the other. No matter what kind of counter-method you meet. Keep going. Don’t quit. Just like me, I’ll never be able to come out to my family or friends. Like it’s just one of those things where I don’t even want to risk damaging my relationships. I love them all but I know their perspective on LGBT.

The world is ready for this and I had been for a while. There are still so many people closeted who need to know they aren’t alone. We may have come a long way, but  we have a long way to go before it truly “doesn’t matter”! Love who you are and who you want, you don’t owe anyone any explanation.

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