Do I really need to “come out” as bisexual?

tumblr_nfu3npJm2S1qbqma2o1_54hyjy.jpgA few years ago, I knew that I am a bisexual girl, and for a long time at the beginning, I felt very lonely and irritable, and even once wondered why I wanted to come out. Does itreally have to be done? I don’t know, I am confused about that and after a long period oftime, I gradually realized that everyone has different points for everyone, whether you arecome out or not, just be yourself.

1.Come out when you feel ready to.

If you are not really ready yet, Don’t follow the advice of the mainstream or others, have your own real thoughts, about come out.This is a very cautious thing, not a joke that canbe said at random.Come out is not for everyone. Once you come out to your family orfriends, you have to face other people’s doubts, objections or hates, and even many peoplethink you are sick. Even worse is a personal attack. If you don’t get enough support and understanding from your family or friends, I suggest you better not rush to come out as a bisexual.

2.Just don’t wanna feel alone.

If you think that come out as bisexual won’t make you feel lonely, it will vary from person to person, or maybe more lonely. Many people are so isolated by friends and family, some want to join some related organizations, but still can’t find themselves.

3.You can date some people as you like.

No, This is not as simple as you think. Finding a suitable bisexual dating object is a very difficult thing. Open minded not means you can date with everyone, it’s very hard to find a nice bisexual partners, especially threesome relationship is very popular. Women Looking For Couples, Bisexual Couples Seeking Female and so on. As I see dating as more of a romantic activity. All that really matters is to be yourself!

4.Labelling yourself doesn’t make date easier.

Labels are helpful for some people, and the people around you but can some times make you feel like you need to meet some expectations or be a certain way. You like what you like and that’s awesome, try your best to be open and accepting of yourself and don’t feel bad if your feelings change one way or the other. Sexually is fluid and can change over your life. You don’t need to put a label on it if you don’t want to. As long as you’re happy with how you feel then that’s all that matters.

One thought on “Do I really need to “come out” as bisexual?

  1. I’m pansexual. I didn’t feel any need to really come out. It just is what it is and I’ll date whoever I want not that I can find anyone, but still. Gender doesn’t matter to me, neither does what’s between someone’s kegs. That’s all the ‘coming out’ I need to do as far as explaining to people how I’m wired.


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